Stockholm, 7th August 2019!

My fingers are on fire!

My fingers are on fire! They want to write, create, let ideas be born!

I feel like a lion, I just want to surf the wave of my creativity and let my strength explode in an atomic of life!

No, I’m not on drugs and I’m not having a psychosis, I just went to see my psychologist. 

I felt lost in Oslo and I needed to stop, visualise and feel the moment, no matter how painful it was. And it was painful, very painful. But I realise (as I may have already written) that pain is nothing but a feeling, it can’t kill. It’s not pleasant but the more we ignore it, the more we turn our back on it, the more it gets stronger. In the end it can controls us and we mustn’t let it have this power on us. So close your eyes, cry, and feel it! It takes courage but it’s nothing but pain. 

Imagine it like a big wave caused by an (h)earthquake, you are the cliff. Big, strong…wave after wave you’ll get to recognise the pain and suddenly you  will realise the cliff is stronger and higher than the wave.

I know what I want to do. It’s what I’ve known for a while now, but I wasn’t ready to go in for it yet.

I like to travel that’s obvious. I enjoy talking, way to obvious and what’s most important, I want to help people…what the hell I’ll open a Center! 

It will take time, money and A LOT of patience but that’s my goal now. It may not work…people keep telling me that’s not possible, that Italy is not ready. Maybe. But no one would believe that women could get a divorce in Italy for 60 years ago. For 10 years ago no one would ever have expected to see the GayPride in Perugia, but last year it happened. 
What could get worse? I’m already pennyless and homeless. Ha!

So Now starts the recruiting of my Aspievist Team!

Meanwhile I’ll keep working as a speaker, in Sweden, around Europe or wherever they call me, talking about this life that is so different and so amazing IF only we let our self be!

The 22nd my book will come out in Italy and then….I’ll surf the waves!


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