The weight of invisibility, 9th Septmeber 2019

How many times have we heard that we live in a world where picture and visibility have more power than words and intention?

I’ve found myself many times in this position of invisibility, in several situations.

But what I’m struggling with now is the knowledge that there is something that I’m missing.

I’ve studied Communication and Media so I know, I should know how marketing and PR work but still I don’t understand what takes for an idea to become interesting.

How come that suddenly something that wasn’t interesting become worth listening to? 

Many people told me “If you want to reach out to people you have to get social media!”. So after many years I did that, I got Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In (which I can’t use any longer because an attack on my account).

I must confess I’m not very active on it, I try to use it for work only, but the fact is that now I have more than 100 “friends”, technically I’ve reached out to them, but my work hasn’t gotten easier, my project hasn’t gotten faster. So Why Do I Still Feel Invisible?

I’ve got this great project (for which I wished I had three more brains, because I won’t be able to do everything on my own) that will do good for many people, not only those interested in autism but the whole society that will get in contact with it, but in front of me I keep seeing huge mountain that many times before felt unclimbable.

I know that what I have to do is to divide that mountain in many smaller rocks, it’s boring and being hyperactive it’s not what I like to do, but apparently it has to be done if one wants to reach the top of the mountain in one piece.

In the meantime I’ll start studying psychology and take care of the presentation of my book.

First date so long are:

-17/10-2019 Perugia, Ponte San Giovanni, Libreria Grande

-26/10-2019 Anghiari, Biblioteca

-9/11-2019 Arezzo, Libreria Feltrinelli


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