Aspievism is the new black!


My artistic name is Clara Osvaldo and I’m proud to define myself as an autistic woman. I’m 29 years old and I’ ve got my ASD diagnose when I was 25.

Aspievism is a new word that I and colleague of mine came up with during an ”occupation” of our school. It is the union of the two words ”Asperger” and ””activism”, so it’s whoever fights for the rights of autisic people. 

We were following a course for adults with autism to become lecturer in ”life with autism”. It was a very nice school, but sometimes it could become controversial and ”forced” us to take park to social activities that weren’t autism friendly; so, I, whose known to be a strong minded Aspergirl, decided to organize a protest during the same day together with my autistic classmates where instead of having a ball, took our time to talk about different topics about our everyday life. We called it ”Aspievism Day ”.

Since that day I understood what I was meant to be and become. So first of all I wrote a book, edited in Italian (my native language) called ”Io, Me Stessa ed Aspie” and then I’ve started two business.

One is as a freelance lecturer: what I do is to spread knowledge and break stereotypes around Autism. I offer workshops and lectures for whoever is interested to know more about life with autism from an inside point of view; not only for families then but also public offices and employees.

My second project which I’m working hard for, is to open a totally innovative Asperger Center for autistic adults who wish to become independent and find their way in life.

Here in Sweden, we’re having a lot of cuts in social and health services and for those who get an ASD diagnosis late in life there are long wait lists before they can get the support they need. Often the only support one gets is medicine which, in my point of view, is not always the only need one needs.

Instead what I would like to achieve is to open an brand new center where the focus will be two categories, one the autistic person who whish to get support (knowledge about ASD and a brand new coaching way that rely on a humanistic positive psychology; this new approach is the result of years of personal experience and study) directly after the diagnose and second the rest of society especially big employees because what I believe is that Autism is not only for autistic person and their family, but for all society to take care of.

What me and my colleagues need now is someone who believes in us and is willing to sponsor us or become an investor.

I strongly believe that we with autism have a big social and economic potential for society and what I’d like to achieve is to demonstrate that Autism and Aspievism are the new black! 

So help us by voting for us and share this project through the link that follows!

En tanke på “Aspievism is the new black!

  1. Clara, would you please add an ”English” tag (or category) to your English-language posts, and an ”autism” tag (or category) to your autism-related posts? Thank you.

    After you do, I’d like to add your blog to our Actually Autistic Blogs List ( Please click here (or on the ”How do you want your blog listed?” link at the top of that site) to customize your blog’s description on the list (or to decline).
    Thank you.
    Judy (An Autism Observer)

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