Fjällåsen, 30rd of July 2019

The train stopped in the little village called Fjällåsen.

“We will stop for a short break due to track work. The train will depart again in 20 minutes time” said the conductor.

Everybody got off the train. Some to smoke, some to take a walk with the dog and someone else to take a picture of what seemed to be the only construction in town, the train station, which was nothing but a house.

The childrens slept deep in the strollers and the parents indulged in a long kiss on the platform.

After awhile we heard the conductor whistle and we knew we had to get on the train again.

Suddenly a terrible scream got everybody to jump on their seats.

The children are gone and the conductor lays on the floor lifeless. Someone has killed her….

This could be the perfect incipit for one of Agatha Christie’s stories, but it was only one of my fantasies that entertained me while I was “vaping” on the platform with my new e-cigarette.


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