Luleå it was!29th of July 2019

What I love about life is that if you let “her” just happen, it can get really amazing and the most unexpected things can happen.

Taking the bus from Örebro I was convinced that it would get me to Stockholm, but it turned out that the bus would first stop at the Arlanda airport. I took it as a sign and got off.

I walked around the place for an hour, I had never been on an airport not knowing where to go before. 

Finally I decided that I wanted  to travel with Norwegian, so I went to the Aviator desk and said to the girl who was sitting behind it:

“First ticket to a beach!”



“It costs two thous..”

“Stop, stop, stop! First Cheap ticket to a beach”

“Luleå? 499”

“Luleå it is!”

I wanted to have a soft start and treat myself with a hot shower and a goodnight sleep, so I booked a room at the Clarion Hotel, mostly for their amazing breakfast buffet!

When I finally was sitting on the airplane, everything felt surreal. Strangely enough I fell asleep. I was awakened by a turbulens.

When I looked through the porthole (not sure if it is the right translation) I was overwhelmed by God almighty creation: clouds thick as sumo fighters seemed to fight and push each other like two kids that fight for a toy. The airplane was their toy and we who were sitting in there had no other choice than to sit still and hold tight to our seats.

From time to time I could see the sun coming out from the clouds like a mother that tries to make peace between the two childrens.

But the most beautiful of it all was the sight of Luleå’s archipelag. I knew then that I was exactly where I was supposed to be and I started crying of joy.

It was a cry that didn’t really want to come out, it was stuck in my throat. A stubborn cry that didn’t want to go neither up nor down .

When it was time to get off the plane I suddenly felt a strange cold feeling and thought “There must be something off about the AC system”. But just a few seconds later I realized that the steward had just opened the door.

It was 8 degrees outside, welcome to Luleå! 


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