On my way to the train, 29th of July 2019

While I walked on the road I realized that all my life was in the luggage I was baring. It was heavy, it was painful to drag it under that boiling sun. I was sweating. I hate to sweat. The headache was on its way because I didn’t have any breakfast but against all odds I was marching forward, sweaty and hungry. What a drama queen, right!? 

But you always go forward.

I was in a hurry although I didn’t have any plans, well except to get to the bus.
Where am I going?
I think that traveling so much has taught me that there aren’t any final destinations, at any time we can pull the handbrake and choose another route.

It’s so bloody hot!

I wish I could eat now, but it’s going to take at least three more hours before I can do that


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