Wandering lecturer, 30rd of July 2019

Last night, while I was sleeping in my super comfortable bed at the Clarion Hotel, I thought that if none is willing to give me a job as a lecturer on the spectrum I might as well use the old way people used to reach other people: a square.

Square has been used since ancient times to reach lots of people at the same time and carry on messages and information.

And it is what I did after I got up.

I stood on a bench on Luleå’s main alley, laid my hat on the ground and…

 “Ladies and gentlemen may I have your attention?! How many of you know what neurotypical means?…”

It was a huge success! One single sweet old lady stood in front of me and gave me a nice applause when I was finished.

It felt good. I felt like I had found my thing but I needed a bigger audience and what better audience there is than university students? And not any university but Luleås Universitet which is known for its research on neurodiversity.

So I took the bus nr. 6 towards Pörsen and there I met the nicest bus driver ever, Frank who was very interested in hearing me talking about autism. When I was about to get off he told me “Hey you, why don’t you gå to the Swedish Radio, it’s just uptown. You can just drop in and if they like what you have to say, they’ll record you!”

One hour later, I had forgotten all about the university and sat on SverigeRadio Norrbotten P4 and recorded an interview about my journey.

Thanks Frank!


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