Kiruna, 31st of July 2019

A ghost city. It’s not that weird that in the next 20 years it will be completely moved in a different zone, since it’s about to collapse due to the explosion of the iron mines. Passing through the city at ten at night the only sound was the one of the streetlights tilting, waiting forFortsätt läsa ”Kiruna, 31st of July 2019”

Fjällåsen, 30rd of July 2019

The train stopped in the little village called Fjällåsen. “We will stop for a short break due to track work. The train will depart again in 20 minutes time” said the conductor. Everybody got off the train. Some to smoke, some to take a walk with the dog and someone else to take a pictureFortsätt läsa ”Fjällåsen, 30rd of July 2019”

Wandering lecturer, 30rd of July 2019

Last night, while I was sleeping in my super comfortable bed at the Clarion Hotel, I thought that if none is willing to give me a job as a lecturer on the spectrum I might as well use the old way people used to reach other people: a square. Square has been used since ancientFortsätt läsa ”Wandering lecturer, 30rd of July 2019”

Luleå it was!29th of July 2019

What I love about life is that if you let “her” just happen, it can get really amazing and the most unexpected things can happen. Taking the bus from Örebro I was convinced that it would get me to Stockholm, but it turned out that the bus would first stop at the Arlanda airport. IFortsätt läsa ”Luleå it was!29th of July 2019”

On my way to the train, 29th of July 2019

While I walked on the road I realized that all my life was in the luggage I was baring. It was heavy, it was painful to drag it under that boiling sun. I was sweating. I hate to sweat. The headache was on its way because I didn’t have any breakfast but against all oddsFortsätt läsa ”On my way to the train, 29th of July 2019”

Örebro, 27th of July 2019

On a train again. Well, not really yet. I’m in bed, in that room that has been mine just for a couple of months. Specifically I lay on a pile of clothes, my clothes. Those clothes that tomorrow I will try to sell before getting on a train again. I will give away everything IFortsätt läsa ”Örebro, 27th of July 2019”

Aspievism is the new black!

Hi! My artistic name is Clara Osvaldo and I’m proud to define myself as an autistic woman. I’m 29 years old and I’ ve got my ASD diagnose when I was 25. Aspievism is a new word that I and colleague of mine came up with during an ”occupation” of our school. It is theFortsätt läsa ”Aspievism is the new black!”

Att lösa kärleks mysterium, ett autistisk perspektiv

För mer än ett år sedan, fann jag mig tillsammans med min kollega Julia Karlsen att filosofera över livet framför en varm kopp té. Vi kom in i teman ”kärlek” och snabbt blev det tydlig att våra motsatta erfarenhet var en guldgrova för våra skriverier. Det jag postar idag är en icke vetenskaplig men välbetänktFortsätt läsa ”Att lösa kärleks mysterium, ett autistisk perspektiv”

The importance of silence

Yesterday I went to a party, a very nice party. For the first time in my adult life I went to a party because I wanted to. Of course my “theory of mind” had no idea what to expect. I didn’t have a clue how to behave. I didn’t know anyone because it was somethingFortsätt läsa ”The importance of silence”