The importance of silence

Yesterday I went to a party, a very nice party. For the first time in my adult life I went to a party because I wanted to. Of course my “theory of mind” had no idea what to expect. I didn’t have a clue how to behave. I didn’t know anyone because it was somethingFortsätt läsa ”The importance of silence”

The weight of invisibility, 9th Septmeber 2019

How many times have we heard that we live in a world where picture and visibility have more power than words and intention? I’ve found myself many times in this position of invisibility, in several situations. But what I’m struggling with now is the knowledge that there is something that I’m missing. I’ve studied CommunicationFortsätt läsa ”The weight of invisibility, 9th Septmeber 2019”

På återseende, 13 Augusti 2019

På återseende blinda blickar som går genom min själ som kalla vindar, På återseende oändliga telefonköer som förtärar de starkaste av attityder, På återseende skrikande barn som springer med glassen överallt förutom i munnen, På återseende normalstörda som är mer kognitivt hindrade än kycklingar utan huvud På återseende Nazi-feminister som kräver inget mindre än deFortsätt läsa ”På återseende, 13 Augusti 2019”

Stockholm, 7th August 2019!

My fingers are on fire! My fingers are on fire! They want to write, create, let ideas be born! I feel like a lion, I just want to surf the wave of my creativity and let my strength explode in an atomic of life! No, I’m not on drugs and I’m not having a psychosis,Fortsätt läsa ”Stockholm, 7th August 2019!”